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What You Need To Know About Tarpon Season in the Florida Keys

Posted on Friday, May 6th, 2016

For fishing connoisseur around the globe, tarpon season is a great deal of fun and adventure, especially in the Florida Keys. Tarpon, otherwise known as Megalops atlanticus, is extremely exciting to catch, as they are big fish that like to fight. If you are taking a trip to the Florida Keys and interested in a Tarpon fishing experience, here are some things you should know:

Tarpon is a Catch-and-Release Only Fishery

Catch-and-Release is a practice within recreational fishing that is intended to conserve and protect the species. This technique refers to unhooking the tarpon and releasing it back into the water after it is caught. If caught keeping a tarpon illegally, the Florida Wildlife and Conservation (FWC) commission can fine charges up to $2,000 per fish plus possible jail time if you do not have a tarpon tag in advance. Therefore they are truly not worth keeping for your gaming collection illegally!

Tarpon Are Found Throughout Florida’s Coast During the Summer

Tarpon are known for living on Florida’s coastline because of the area’s warmer temperatures. That is why NOW is the best time to get out on the water and take part in tarpon fishing in the beautiful Florida Keys.

Tarpon Are Not Good to Eat

Unfortunately, tarpon are not great to eat for they have poor food value. However, they are one of the most sought out fish in Florida because they are extremely challenging and exciting to catch. So just because you can’t eat them, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try tarpon fishing at least once in your life, you won’t be disappointed!

Tarpon Must Be Fetched with Proper Gear

According to the FWC, you must only attempt to catch tarpon with the hook and line fishing methods only. Snagging, snatch hooking, spearing, and the use of multiple hooks for live or dead natural bait is completely prohibited. Your best bet at catching one or several tarpon is to go out with a fishing guide that has lots of experience and knows the Florida Keys, like Chuck Kitto of Florida Keys Fishing Adventures.

Tarpon Season is Happening Now!

Tarpon season is happening right now in the Florida Keys and May and June are the BEST months to go. The entire season lasts from March thru September, but the next couple of months will certainly be the best.

Ready to go Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys? Spots are filling fast, and you don’t want to miss out on this amazing and fun experience. Call Chuck Kitto of Florida Keys Fishing Adventures at 305-522-2826 to schedule a trip today!



Florida Keys Fishing
Florida Keys Fishing Florida Keys Fishing Florida Keys Fishing
Florida Keys Fishing
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